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Dear Customer,

I would like to take time to introduce our company and services to you. I have over 20 years of experience selling used Toyota parts. In 1993 our family dissolved a Large foreign parts yard and began specializing in Toyota and Lexus cars. (Sorry, no truck parts.) By specializing, we can provide you with the correct part the first time. From a small part to a large one, we will take time with your needs.

We buy the cleanest and nicest salvage possible. Our cars are brought inside to be dismantled and processed. During this stage, we test all running gear and electrical parts that can be tested. The cars are then inventoried and parts are placed in specific locations for quick retrieval.

We offer our customers digital picture access to see the part they are purchasing before it is shipped. This feature is quite convenient for Body Shops.

Billy's is a rapidly growing business. We are now on-line at

We will do whatever is possible to make you satisfied. Also, we need your business, but most of all we WANT your business.

Your parts provider,

Billy K. Graham III


1. A reasonable cash deposit is required for orders where parts must be removed, or ordered from other sources. No refund on deposits.

2. Exchange parts must be turned in at time of purchase, or a core charge will be made. The core charge will be refunded if the exchange parts are brought in within 10 days.

3. Engines are guaranteed against rod knock, cracked block, and excessive smoking within 31 days of purchase. Engine accessories are not guaranteed. There is no guarantee for labor to install or remove.

4. Transmission are guaranteed to work properly, gears are guaranteed to be in good condition at time of purchase. There is no responsibility for improper installation or usage after time of purchase. There is no guarantee for labor to install or remove.

5. Rear ends are guaranteed to work properly, gears are guaranteed to be in good condition, bearings are guaranteed not noisy at time of purchase. There is no guarantee for labor to install or remove.

6. Starters, generators, alternators guaranteed to work at time of purchase. There is no responsibility for improper installation, faulty voltage regulator, or poor electric connections by customer. No refund on electrical parts.

7. Radiators and heaters are guaranteed not to leak at time of purchase. Batteries are guaranteed to hold charge.

8. Parts must be clearly designated "rebuilt" to qualify for overhauled guarantee. All other parts are sold strictly "as is" at time of purchase.

9. Defective parts may be returned within 31 days of purchase unless otherwise stated at time of purchase. These parts are subject to acceptance by dismantler and are subject to 25% handling charge if accepted. Parts other than those originally sold or which have been altered or damaged are not acceptable for return. Body sections which have been cut off to order are not returnable. To be returnable these parts must be in the same condition as when sold. It is agreed that the sole determiner of condition for return is seller. Buyer agrees to any inspection or method of inspection dictated by seller and agrees the seller has the right not to accept returned used merchandise if in seller's discretion, he believes condition of used merchandise has changed from date of sale.

10. Claims for adjustment due to defective parts must be made within 48 hours of time of purchase, unless other specific arrangements were made at time of purchase.

11. All used merchandise must be inspected by buyer for defects or safety hazards. Seller states that he in no way guaranatess or warrants used merchandise for apparent or non-apparent safety hazards and affirmatively states that used merchandise sold may be safety hazards, and it is the responsibility of buyer to inspect for actual or latent safety hazards or hire an expert to so inspect.

12. Buyer affirms that before he entered into the agreement, the seller requested that he examine the goods, to ascertain whether there were defects in the goods which would make them unacceptable to him; that seller afforded to buyer an adequate opportunity to make such examination before he entered into this agreement and that he has examined the goods as fully as he desires for the purposes of determining whether there are defects.

13. 18% finance charge per year on overdue accounts.



We all bleed Toyota/Lexus Blood!!!

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